Hello world!

Hello, welcome to my blog. I love to write and draw and stuff like that. My favorite animal is dogs but i also like cats too but not as much. I live in the U.S.A and love to listen to music on you tube. YouTube can be awesome but dangerous too.I maybe watch to much you tube ,but hey, its a habit! I watch epic fails and i also love to watch music videos and etc. I like to dance and sing by myself a lot in my room. I love pizza and french-fry’s. My favorite hallow day is Halloween. I hope you like my blog.


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I love to draw and its like i'm addicted to drawing , I like books about action , comedy , sometimes horror, and comics!. I love chocolate but my favorite type of candy is twix and i have a huge family. I have 7 annoying siblings. YouTube is awesome but deadly at the same time so beware. (My warnings to you.)

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